Carroll Gardens Kitchen

The client was doing a complete gut renovation of the parlor floor – one of the main issues was accommodating all of the special storage needs – for instance they wanted to be able to store a step ladder in a cabinet which was built specifically for that purpose.

The other construction concern had to do with how the island was to be fastened to the floor – the client had new radiant floor heating installed under a new oak floor and an attachment method had to be devised which would not penetrate the pex tubing which ran under the floor.

The entire project was under a serious deadline as the house needed to be complete in time for a bat mitzvah – which was a complete success, with the new kitchen in full operation.

I was also able to fabricate a walnut hutch with solid walnut doors, and glass panels with a minimum of lead time as the client only contracted me to build the piece about three weeks before the deadline.